Voicenet Email Settings Change

March 29th your Voicenet username will change! Please read.

View this email in your browser (*|ARCHIVE|*)

** Starting March 29th your Voicenet username will change.

The migration is almost over!

For those of you who may not be aware; Host And Store has acquired the Voicenet client base. Over the past 2 months we have been slowly and safely migrating your data. For those of you we have already spoken to, we have sincerely enjoyed working with you!

If you utilize the webmail feature you will still go to http://webmail.voicenet.com to check your webmail.

There is only going to be one change to your Voicenet email credentials.

Starting March 29th your user name will be your COMPLETE email address.

Visit: http://webmail.voicenet.com
Username: JohnDoe@Voicenet.com
Password: ******** (same password as usual)

As usual your mail is safe, secure and most importantly private!

Unlike all the free email services out there we do not use any of your information for marketing purposes. We greatly appreciate your business and your privacy.

The Host And Store Team
877-512-4678 then press 1 to talk to someone immediately.

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